Lingerie Trends

Lingerie Do's and Don'ts: Pleasing Lingerie Trends

Fashion is a way to express yourself and not just through outerwear. With lingerie, you can express your inner self however you want.

There's a time and a place If your bra strap is showing, make sure it's intentional — and that you're wearing it somewhere it's OK to show. A colorful bra strap can be flirty when it peeks from under a tank top at a beach restaurant, but it could be inappropriate if worn at a business meeting.

"There is a long history of wearing innerwear as outerwear, and there is something to be said for the beautiful lingerie out there," she says. "We, as women, are being bolder in our choices, allowing it to be part of our personality and a fun part of our closet, but I only want lingerie to show when I want it to show."

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Lingerie Sizing Tips

  • We know to feel comfortable, and look great, you need to find the right fit.


    The lingerie, dresses, swimwear, and sexy costumes we offer are all form fitting and tend to run small compared to standard dress, pant, and letter sizing. It is important to know your measurements to find the best fit.

    To find the most accurate sizing you must use your bust, waist, and hips measurements.

    Do not go by your normal letter, jeans or dress sizes. There is too much variation between designers.

    If you need to know what to measure to get your appropriate measurements use the diagram to the above.

    If you are between sizes it is always better to go larger. You can always take it in.

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